Piano Lessons

Piano lessons taught by Elizabeth Low, B.Ed (Hons) Music, are available at The Lea as follows:

Time and place
Lessons are available in school time and take place in the school hall. Sessions are 1 to 1 and last 20 minutes each. There is a rotating timetable in operation so that students do not always miss the same school work.

Teaching Style
Lessons are personalised to the individual student and are appropriate to age, concentration span, learning style, musical taste (classical/contemporary), and previous experience. Elizabeth aims to make music exciting and enjoyable. It needs to feel like a treat! Your child will need a tutor book and a notebook for reminders of what to play at home between lessons. Each child is very different and it is better to say which tutor book to buy once she has met and got to know a little bit more about the student. Pupils can study for music exams or play for fun.

Support at home
It is very important to have a piano or a keyboard to play on at home between lessons. Children who can’t practise what they’ve learned become discouraged and give up quickly. It does not matter if it’s a piano or a keyboard. Playing is what counts.

You will receive an email invoice at the beginning of each half term. Lessons of 20 minutes cost £10.50 each and can be paid by check, cash or bank transfer, termly in advance. If you have to miss a lesson and can inform me before 8am on the day, the lesson will be a credit on your account to be taken later. Cancellations after 8am, or absence, will, unfortunately, be charged at the full price.

There is a waiting list at the moment, but if you would like more information or to put your child’s name down on the list please contact Elizabeth at lizlow@hotmail.co.uk


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