Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are usually held in the last term of Year 2 (i.e. April to July) and the first term of Year 3 (i.e. September to December).

The lessons take place during the school day and children are transported to and from the Harpenden Leisure Center using the Sir John Lawes’ minibus.

Children will need:

  • Girls will need a one piece costume (no bikinis); boys will need proper swimming trunks or shorts (cut-off jeans and extra-long or baggy shorts are not allowed and shorts must be above the knee).
  • A towel.
  • A plastic bag with your child’s name on it for wet costumes and towels.
  • Hats are provided by the school.
  • Goggles optional. (Goggles can also be loaned on the day from the school but must be returned at the end of each session).
  • All earrings and watches must be removed by the child  before he/she enters the water.

For health and safety reasons, children not complying with any of the above guidance will not be allowed to enter the pool.  If your child’s behaviour is not acceptable then they will not be permitted to swim and will remain in school.

If your child is unable to participate in the lesson for medical reasons we will require a letter or a phone call on the day stating the reason why they are not able to swim.  Children will be expected to remain in school in another class.


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