Phonics – Letters and Sounds – Phases

Phonics letters and sounds for reading are organised into six phases:-

Phase 1 (Nursery/Reception) – Teaches the children about, rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, environmental sounds, body percussion, voice sounds, instrumental sounds and oral blending and segmenting.

Phase 2 (Reception)

s a t Tricky Words Decodable Words
p i n I
a an as at if in is it of off on can dad had back and get big him his not got up mum
m d g
o c k
e u r
h b f
l y z
v w x

Phase 3/ 4 (Reception)

ch sh th Tricky Words Decodable Words
ng ai ee he you he she they we all me are was my said like so do some have come were there little one when out what will that this then them with see for now down look too went it’s from children just help
igh oa oo
ar or ur
ow oi ear
air ure er

Phase 5 (KS1)

ay (day) oe (toe) ie (pie) Tricky Words Decodable Words
ea (sea) oy (toy) ir (bird) oh their people Mr Mrs looked called asked could don’t old I’m by time house about your day made came make here saw very put
ue (clue) aw (saw) wh (when)
ph (phone) ew (stew)
au (launch) ey (money)

Within Phase 5 children will also learn about

  • Split digraphs (snake)
  • Alternative pronunciations (ie – pie/field)
  • Alternative spellings for each phoneme (or – all/talk/four)

By the end of phase 5 children should be able to read and spell most of the 100 high frequency words.

Phase 6 (KS1)

During this phase, children become fluent readers and increasingly accurate spellers.

They will also learn how about:

  • Past tense
  • How to add suffixes (ed/ing/er/est/ful/ly/y/s/es)
  • How to spell longer words
  • Proofreading



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