District Sports – Track and Field Events

Last night, some of our KS2 pupils took part in the annual District Sports Athletics event held at Sir John Lawes.  It was a really enjoyable evening.  A huge well done to all of our team whose behaviour and sportsmanship were impeccable.  We were hugely impressed with their team spirit and how supportive they were not only with each other but also with all the other competitiors.  A special well done to the following pupils:

  • Keira Martin –   1st place Y6 triple jump; 2nd place Y6 girls’ flat race
  • Leah Thomas – finalist Y6 skipping race
  • Gabriel Tinnion – 4th place Y5 standing long jump;  finalist Y5 boys’ flat race
  • Madeleine Caffery – 5th place Y5 girls’ flat race
  • Tasmin Martin – 3rd place Y4 flat race
  • Toby Cherry – finalist Y4 boys’ flat race
  • Foloranmi Faboye, Andrene Jayawickrama, Tasmin Martin and Bridey Perryer – finalists Y4 girls’ relay

Thank you to Mrs Cross who organised our team’s participation and helped with practise sessions. Thank you also to our superstar teaching assistants; Mrs Giacobbi who came along to help at the event, and to Mrs Collins and Mrs Marzola who helped with transport.



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