Recycle your old clothes and shoes

Please dispose of any unwanted clothes, shoes and household linen in our textile recycling bin and help raise money for our school!  The Lea gets paid per tonne for all the textiles our bank collects.

The blue bin is situated directly inside the school gates next to our paper recycling bin and is run by UK Textile Recycling (

What can be recycled

  • Adult and children clothing
  • Shoes and trainers
  • Handbags and belts
  • Sheets, curtains and towels

All items must be clean, dry, wearable clothing and shoes paired.

How to prepare clothes for recycling

Simply place your old clothes in a supermarket type bag with the handles tied before depositing these into the bank. (Large bin bags can block the shoot and prevent other donations.)

The Recycling Process

When a clothing bank is full it is emptied and transported to a sorting warehouse. At the warehouse the clothes are sorted by experienced workers into specific categories. Once sorted good clothing is graded, weighed and then baled. The bales are then loaded onto a container, taken to the dock and exported overseas. Exporting the used clothing helps create overseas markets and provides a much needed resource for under-developed countries.

Un-wearable items are recycled into other household products e.g. car insulation, furniture padding, and artists’ painting paper. Absorbent materials such as cotton and linen will be cut into industrial wiping rags. Other materials such as wool will be either shredded and made into felt or pulled to make new yarn.

Textile recycling 1


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