Online Parent Consultation Appointment Booking System

We have introduced a new online appointment booking system – please visit to book your parent consultation appointment for 25/26 February. (Letters went home in book bags giving login details.)
If you do not have internet access please contact the school office who will be happy to add appointments on your behalf.

Step 1: Login
Please enter your details on the page including your email adderss as confirmation of your appointments will be emailed to you.
Please enter your child’s ‘preferred’ forename that matches our records, their surname and date of birth.


Step 2: Select Parents’ Evening
You will see that we have 2 evenings available to book.  Please click the green tick next to the evening you want to make an appointment for.


Step 3: Choose Teachers
Your child/ren’s teacher/s and class/es will appear.  If your child’s class has 2 teachers only one name will appear, but both will be at parents’ evenings.
Click on the ‘Continue to Book Appointments’ button to proceed.



Step 4: Book Appointments
Click ‘Book’ to make your appointment with the teacher for the time convenient to you.
After you have finished booking all your appointments, click on ‘click here’ in the yellow box at the top of the page to confirm the booking and send the confirmation email.


Step 5: Finished
You will receive an email confirmation of your appointments.  Please keep a note of the time you have reserved or print this out and bring with you to the parents’ evening.

You can also view and print your appointments online by clicking the ‘Appointments’ tab.

You can change your appointments by clicking on ‘Add/Edit/Delete Appointments’.  There is a link at the bottom of the confirmation email which logs you back into the system.


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