School Dinners are Changing!

After the Easter break we will be introducing a new system for school dinners for our pupils.  It is called Pupil Choice and many schools in Hertfordshire are already using it.  By asking pupils to choose their meal each day our cook will be able to cater exact quantities and ensure that nobody is disappointed at lunchtime when their favourite food option has run out.

There will still be a choice of a meat or a vegetarian option, but we will now ask pupils to choose the meal they want to each that day.  As their teacher takes the register, pupils will be asked to choose either the meat option (red) or the vegetarian option (green).  Then, when their class goes to line up for lunch, the midday supervisors will check them off on a list and give them a red or a green band.  When they get to the serving hatch, they hand this to the school cook who will give them their chosen meal.  Children who have known allergies use a different menu and will be given a yellow band.  Their dietary requirements are already known to the cook and will be pre-filled in the register.

The current menu can be downloaded from the Hertfordshire Catering website.  It would be helpful if parents could help us by looking at the menu at breakfast time or on the way to school to help them to be ready with their choice each day.  We are sure the children will take to the new system very quickly!

healthy school meal


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