May 22, 2015

Some of our Year 4 pupils, Eva, Layla, Oliver and Leo, have come up with a really good idea which we have decided to trial at school after half term. Over the half term holidays, we would like to ask the children to have a look through their bookcases and if they find any books they no longer want to keep (perhaps books that are now too young for them), we would like to invite the children to bring these books into school.

They can bring them in any day from Monday to Thursday, and then the books will be on display in our dining hall on Fridays for all pupils to browse through and choose books to take home. This means that the books can be enjoyed by other children rather than gathering dust on bookshelves at home! Books for all ages from Nursery through to Year 6 would be gratefully received.


Year 6 Trip to Caythorpe

May 22, 2015

From what has been reported to me, our Year 6 pupils have been having a fantastic time at Caythorpe this week, although I think they are likely to come home rather tired this afternoon after all the activities they have been taking part in throughout the week!

A huge thank you to Miss Lincoln and Mrs Cross who accompanied the children on the trip. I think they are likely to be coming back a little tired too!



Reception Visit to All Saints Church

May 21, 2015

Our Reception class visited All Saints Church in Harpenden today to find out about the different items you will find in a church and to learn their words; the altar, pews, font, organ etc.  Reverend Linda Williams and Natalie Edwards kindly  showed the children round and let them play a number of instruments. They explained that All Saints Church is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, with lots of celebratory events taking place. In fact, while the class was there, the church was getting ready for a flower festival this coming weekend. The children were of course beautifully behaved throughout the morning.


Year 1 Florence Nightingale Visitor

May 18, 2015

Year 1 welcomed a special visitor from North Herts Museum Loan Company today, who spent the afternoon teaching the children all about the life of Florence Nightingale.

She herself came in dressed as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ and brought with her a number of artefacts from the era for the children to look at and handle.  They were also able to dress up and act out the key events in Florence Nightingale’s life, particularly her important work during the Crimean War. Everyone really enjoyed the afternoon.


Year 6 SATs

May 15, 2015

Well done to our Year 6 pupils who took their SATs this week. Miss Lincoln and I were very proud of their mature approach towards the tests. We know they have worked hard and we are confident they did their very best. Results will arrive in July and will be sent out to parents and carers with the school reports towards the end of term.

Thank you to Miss Lincoln, Mrs Davenport, Mrs O’Donnell and Mrs Kong for serving what turned out to be very popular breakfasts for our Year 6 pupils this week!

Year 3 and 5 Trips to the British Museum

May 13, 2015

Year 3 and 5 visited the British Museum in London today.  As part of their topic on Aztecs, Year 3 studied the various artefacts on display, including the ‘Turquoise Serpent’, and were extremely enthusiastic and tenacious in completing their questionnaires. Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Miah and Ms McCallister, and to William’s grandmother, Mrs


Year 5 looked around the Ancient Greece galleries as part of their topic this term. They were also able to visit a temporary ‘Defining Beauty’ exhibition specifically relating to the Ancient Greeks. The pupils were enthusiastic and keen in their learning as they completed their booklet of challenges. Thank you to Mrs Cherry and Mrs Hammerson who came along to help.

Members of the public commented to the teachers on a number of occasions throughout the day on how well behaved our pupils were, which is of course lovely to hear.

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Year 2 Trip to Batford Springs

May 13, 2015

This morning, Year 2 walked to Batford Springs. They looked at all the plants, birds and animals and their habitats as part of their Science topic on ‘Outside’.

The children were all beautifully behaved. In fact, the reserve volunteer who was present on the day has since called the school to comment on their behaviour and said they were ‘a credit to the school’.