Year 3 and 5 Trips to the British Museum

Year 3 and 5 visited the British Museum in London today.  As part of their topic on Aztecs, Year 3 studied the various artefacts on display, including the ‘Turquoise Serpent’, and were extremely enthusiastic and tenacious in completing their questionnaires. Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Miah and Ms McCallister, and to William’s grandmother, Mrs


Year 5 looked around the Ancient Greece galleries as part of their topic this term. They were also able to visit a temporary ‘Defining Beauty’ exhibition specifically relating to the Ancient Greeks. The pupils were enthusiastic and keen in their learning as they completed their booklet of challenges. Thank you to Mrs Cherry and Mrs Hammerson who came along to help.

Members of the public commented to the teachers on a number of occasions throughout the day on how well behaved our pupils were, which is of course lovely to hear.

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