School Milk – Spring Term 2016

As part of the Government’s initiative, we will continue to offer milk in cartons (189ml) to all our pupils next term.  Mid-morning milk is provided at reduced prices as a result of European Community subsidy and of course is a healthy contribution to the daily diet.  Please note, we can only offer dairy milk at this time.  (European regulations state that only cows’ milk can be given. Soya milk, goat’s milk or other alternatives cannot be given without removing the EU subsidy, which pays for all school milk.)

The cost of milk will be as follows. Please note if your child is in receipt of Pupil Premium – not Universal Free School Meals (Rec-Y2) – they are entitled to free milk as well:-

Nursery         Free
Reception      Free until the term they turn 5 then £12.76
KSk1 (Y1-2)  £12.76
KS2 (Y3-6)   £12.76

If you would like your child to have school milk next term (5 Jan to 1 Apr 2016) please let the school office know by Fri, 4th Dec.  You can use Schoolcomms or cheque made payable to Hertfordshire County Council.


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