School Gateway – Text Messaging System

We would like to remind you about the availability of our free smartphone app for parents called ‘School Gateway’. If you have not yet downloaded the app to your phone, we would be grateful if you could carry out the simple set up process given below.

This helps us to improve communication with parents, and save the school money as the app message is half the cost of a text message.

  1. Search for School Gateway in the Apple App Store/Google Play.
  2. Install the app and if you are asked then say yes to ‘allow push notifications’.
  3. When you open the app on your phone for the first time, please select ‘new user’ and enter the email address and mobile telephone number you have registered with the school.
  4. The system will send you a PIN code to your phone. Please enter this PIN code and the app will be activated for you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Also, if you have recently changed your email address or mobile number, please let the school know so that we can update our records.


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