Christmas Fair – Donations

Our Christmas Fair is only 3 weeks away and it’s shaping up to be a fun event again this year. As usual the PTA relies on the very kind donations given by parents, carers and friends of the school. A reminder of the donations we’d like help with:

  • Bottle Tombola for the ‘big people’ – we would like donations of drinkable bottles, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, big or small.
  • Chocolate Tombola for the ‘little people’ – we also require chocolates in wrappers or boxes; big or small, advent calendars, etc. all gratefully received! We will be sending out cellophane bags for filling on Friday, 25th November.
  • Cake Stall – a plate will also be sent home on Friday 25th November for any delicious baked goods.
  • Adopt A Teddy – please donate any unwanted soft toys in a good condition.
  • Christmas Stall / 2nd Hand Stall – We are looking for items / gifts in good condition. We are also looking for unwanted ornaments, DVDs, CDs, toys, jigsaws, Christmas decorations, books, etc.

All the above donations will be in exchange for coming to school in non-uniform on Friday 2nd December. Please start collecting your donations, but only bring them into school on the morning of the fair as we have nowhere to store them.

We’re also looking for volunteers to help with setting up on the day or running a stall – if you can spare even just half an hour it would be hugely appreciated. If you’re able to help please email or talk to Sue on the playground.



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