Year 6 Great British Bake Off

There was a buzz of excitement and wonderful smells coming from our Year 6 classroom today as Year 6 pupils all competed in the ‘Great British Bake Off Biscuit Challenge’.

This was the culmination of ‘biscuit week’ where all subjects were linked in some way to biscuits! In Maths, they carried out a survey and then studied the data, working out averages. They also worked out ratios of the ingredients needed. They worked on product design and why some biscuits are more popular than others. This included blind taste testing and thinking about the different textures. The children were given a budget to work with and once they had designed their own biscuit they looked at the Tesco online shop and also carried out a bit of bartering and sharing arrangements  between groups to stay within budget. Miss Weston kindly bought the ingredients and on Thursday the Year 6 classroom became the Bake Off tent for the day!

Mrs Bosher was our Mary Berry and carried out anonymous judging. She tasted each of biscuits made by the 6 teams and was amazed by the high standard. The competition was extremely close but congratulations to the overall winners who were Layla, Eva, Tia, Abigail and Sarah.

Well done Year 6!


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