Year 6 General Election

There was much excitement in our Year 6 classroom today as the pupils held their very own General Election! They began by looking at and debating the ‘real’ party manifestos. They made a ballot box and then each voted following protocol. The votes were then counted and checked by an adjudicator!

After this, it was Year 6’s turn to create their own political parties. They were divided into small groups and chose their party names and manifestos, choosing 3 out of 9 possible topics (e.g. education, housing, etc.) to concentrate on. Each party appointed a leader who wore a specially made rosette and delivered their manifesto to the rest of the class. The voting then took place. After counting the votes, ‘The Zebras’ (unity against racism) won by a very narrow majority of 1 vote! In second place was ‘The Rights Party’, and 1 point behind in third place was ‘You Speak, We Listen, We Care’.

Well done to everyone in Year 6 for their enthusiasm and mature approach to the day. Miss Weston was very impressed. They even managed to include some Maths work during the day, looking at various data and statistics from the previous General Election, such as the fraction of women elected and the gender and age of the voters.


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