‘Send My Friend to School’ Campaign

A former pupil at The Lea, Lulu Abubakar, is carrying out work experience at our school this week. Lulu is an Ambassador for the UK wide ‘Send My Friend to School’ initiative, which is working to highlight the need for funding overseas to help children receive an education who would otherwise not be given the opportunity to go to school.

This morning, she accompanied Mrs Swinson, along with 5 of our pupils (Fotis, Isai and Jessie from Year 5, and Edith and Asma from Year 4) to meet with our new MP, Bin Afolami, at Sir John Lawes to talk with him about the campaign and to present him with jigsaw pieces to help complete a symbolic jigsaw. Each piece highlights what is required for a school. The only piece that is left missing is the funding!


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