Staff Organisation and Meet the Teacher

At the end of the school year, we will be saying a very fond farewell to our Year 2 teacher, Mrs Davis, who is retiring from The Lea, and to Mrs Hamilton, our Nursery teacher who is emigrating to Australia! We wish them well in their future endeavours.

We will be welcoming to Nursery in September, Mrs Hammerson, who has previously worked at our school. We will also welcome Mrs Akehurst who will be teaching Year 2 with Mrs Roper.

Next Thursday morning, pupils will spend time with their new teacher for the next academic year. Year 6 will be spending the day at their respective secondary schools. Class organisation will be as follows:-

Nursery Mrs Clark & Mrs Hammerson
Reception Miss Brewer
Year 1 Miss Tyler
Year 2 Mrs Roper & Mrs Akehurst
Year 3 Mrs Hills & Mrs Davey
Year 4 Mrs Housley
Year 5 Mrs Cross & Mrs Davenport
Year 6 Miss Weston

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