Year 3 and Year 5 Trip to the British Museum

June 6, 2018

Year 3 visited the British Museum today as part of their topic work on the Aztecs. They carried out an investigation, completing a worksheet as they looked at all the artefacts in the Aztec gallery. This included viewing the Turquoise Serpent, which played an important role in Aztec religion. The children were all beautifully behaved and worked enthusiastically throughout the day.

Thank you to Ms Florulli and Mrs Enstone, and to Mrs Barker and Mrs O’Donnell who joined Mrs Davey and Mrs Hills on the trip.

Year 5 also visited the Museum today, as part of their History curriculum work on the Ancient Greeks. They spent time looking round the relevant galleries in small groups, carrying out various activities. They were fully engaged throughout and were wonderfully behaved.

Thanks to our parent helpers, Mrs Carvalho, Mr Humphrey and Mrs Gudmundsdottir.


Year 1 Trip to the Florence Nightingale Museum

June 2, 2018

On the Friday before half term, Year 1 caught the train to Blackfriars to visit the Florence Nightingale Museum as part of their school topic. They were greeted by ‘Florence Nightingale’ as they arrived at the museum. She told the children all about her life and the key events that took place. Then, they were split into groups to look round the museum and learned all about Florence Nightingale’s important work. They also really enjoyed walking along the Embankment to and from the Museum, looking at the famous landmarks, such as Big Ben and the London Eye.

Unfortunately, the class experienced unavoidable delays on their train journeys, but they coped really well and behaved very sensibly.

Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Hatton, Miss Vettese, Mrs Zilz and to Mrs Silver, Mrs Wright and Miss Tyler’s father, who joined Miss Tyler to accompany the children on their trip.

Year 6 Residential Trip to Caythorpe

May 25, 2018

From the reports I have received from the staff at Caythorpe, Year 6 have had an amazing time while on their residential trip this week! They are due to arrive back at approximately 4pm today. They will no doubt be tired (along with the teachers!) but they will be full of happy memories of their time away.

A huge thank you to Miss Weston, Mrs Cross and Mrs Dada for accompanying the children on their trip.

Reception Visit to All Saints Church

May 16, 2018

Reception visited All Saints Church this afternoon to find out about the key features of a church. They looked at the altar, font, pews and counted the crosses. They enjoyed playing the organ and waving some flags. Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Aklouche, Mrs East, Mr McNamee and Mrs Sharp.

Year 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Easter Experience at All Saints Church

March 23, 2018

There were a number of class trips to All Saints Church this week to learn about the Easter story as part of the RE curriculum. The Jump! team had set up each room in the church to help depict a particular part of the Easter story, and every pupil was given a symbolic bracelet before they left.

The children enjoyed the visit and were all beautifully behaved. Thank you to all of our parent helpers who came along with each class.

Y3 Swimming Lessons

March 16, 2018

We know how beautifully behaved our pupils are here at The Lea but it is always lovely for this to be noticed by other people when the children are out and about on school trips etc. I wanted to share with you that we received a lovely comment from a member of the public, about how impeccably behaved our Year 3 class were while at Harpenden swimming pool last Friday. Well done to Year 3, you are fantastic ambassadors for our school.

Year 3 Trip to The Natural History Museum

February 21, 2018

Year 3 visited The Natural History Museum in London today as part of their topic on Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

They spent the day in the Earth Galleries carrying out lots of fact finding work. They were fully engaged and their behaviour was exemplary. Mrs Davey was very impressed with the children when they recounted in class what they had learned at the museum, particularly on volcanoes, as they had only been studying earthquakes prior to the trip.

Thank you to our parent helpers; Mrs Stevens, Ms Capel and Mrs Enstone.