Year 3 Visit to the Film Festival

November 22, 2018

As part of their English curriculum, Year 3 will be looking at ‘Significant Authors’. To launch this topic, the class walked to Harpenden Public Halls today to participate in a national film festival for schools called ‘Into Film’. They watched two short animated films based on Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes’. In class, beginning next week, they will be finding out more about Roald Dahl as an author, exploring his writing and use of language. The children were enthused throughout and were impeccably behaved.

Thank you to our parent helpers who came along to the Public Halls with the class; Mrs Abbas, Mrs Cain, Ms Dorado-Lee and Mrs Sidoruk.


Year 3 Trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum

November 7, 2018

Year 3 had a fantastic time at the Chiltern Open Air Museum today, despite the rain! In the morning they travelled back in time to the Mesolithic period of the Stone Age and took part in several activities including lighting fires, making shelters, foraging in the woods for food and making a bracelet using plants and ‘animal bone’ beads.

After lunch, they visited the Iron Age and explored what it was like to live in an Iron Age house. They learnt how the house was made and took part in more activities including grinding flour, making flatbread, churning butter and making a clay pot to put food in.

It was a really enjoyable day, the children’s behaviour was excellent and they learnt a lot. It really enhanced the work they have been doing in Topic lessons.

Thank you to Miss Moore and to our parent helpers, Mrs Gudmundsdottir, Mrs Gong-Smillie and Ms Pointer for accompanying the children.

Year 4 Trip to Zoo

October 3, 2018

Year 4 visited London Zoo today. The children enjoyed seeing lots of different animals and in particular looked for animals that live in the rainforest. They enjoyed a Rainforest Explorers session in the Rainforest Biome where they used binoculars to spot the animals, used digital thermometers to read the temperature and humidity in different parts of the biome and touched a live rainforest cockroach and a real jaguar skin. They also learned about consequences of deforestation.

Thank you to Mrs O’Donnell and to our parent helpers, Mrs Stevens, Mr Humphrey and Mrs Dam-Capel who accompanied the class on their trip.

Year 5 Visit to Batford Springs

October 1, 2018

Year 5 went on a field trip to Batford Springs today. They were met by two volunteers from Batford Springs Conservation group, who showed them round the nature reserve and helped them identify insects living in and around the chalk streams. They then had lots of fun carrying out river investigations, wading in the river to measure the depth of the river channel and the speed of the water flow!

Many thanks to Mrs Marzola who accompanied the children with Mrs Davenport and to our parent helpers, Mrs Sharp, Mrs Morosanu, Mrs Mudd, Mr Pepperrell and Mrs Featherby.

Year 2 Trip to Collage Lake, Tring

September 26, 2018

Year 2 went on a superb school trip to College Lake in Tring.  A big thank you to our parent volunteers, Mr Hatton, Mrs Hillier, Miss Moore and Mrs Aklouche, who joined year 2 on their trip.

Nursery and Reception Trip to Dell Farm

July 17, 2018

Nursery and Reception had a lovely day today visiting Dell Farm. The children went on a ‘bear hunt’ and visited the farm animals. Thank you very much to all our parent helpers and especially Mrs Carberry and Mr Harris who stepped in at the last minute to come with us.

Year 3 Trip to Luton Central Mosque

July 4, 2018

As part of the RE curriculum, Year 3 have been learning about Islam this term and today they visited Luton Central Mosque. It was a really informative trip. The children were shown round the Mosque and were able to answer lots of questions using the knowledge they already had, but also learned a lot more. They looked at the dome, the Imam’s chair on the member (special raised platform), the midrab which indicates which direction Muslims should face when praying, the study, library and washrooms.

We had a number of teaching assistants to join Mrs Davey and Mrs Hills so no parent helpers were needed, but thank you to Mr Harris for driving the second minibus transporting the children to and from school.