Y3 Swimming Lessons

March 16, 2018

We know how beautifully behaved our pupils are here at The Lea but it is always lovely for this to be noticed by other people when the children are out and about on school trips etc. I wanted to share with you that we received a lovely comment from a member of the public, about how impeccably behaved our Year 3 class were while at Harpenden swimming pool last Friday. Well done to Year 3, you are fantastic ambassadors for our school.


Year 3 Trip to The Natural History Museum

February 21, 2018

Year 3 visited The Natural History Museum in London today as part of their topic on Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

They spent the day in the Earth Galleries carrying out lots of fact finding work. They were fully engaged and their behaviour was exemplary. Mrs Davey was very impressed with the children when they recounted in class what they had learned at the museum, particularly on volcanoes, as they had only been studying earthquakes prior to the trip.

Thank you to our parent helpers; Mrs Stevens, Ms Capel and Mrs Enstone.

Year 5 Trip to The London Science Museum

February 21, 2018

Year 5 also went on a trip to London today. They visited the Science Museum as part of their class studies on Materials, Forces and Space.

They spent time in groups in the morning, following a trail looking at and learning about the various space and materials exhibits. After lunch they went exploring and investigating in the fantastic Wonderlab, which includes lots of hands-on activities. The children hugely enjoyed experiencing the various learning resources, specifically focussing on the Space and Forces activities. The trip really helped to reinforce what they have already been learning about in class and what they will be studying for this term in their Science lessons. The children were wonderfully behaved, and enthusiastically soaked up all that the Science Museum had to offer. It was a great trip and we were really proud of Year 5.

Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Gudmundsdottir and Mr Humphrey, and to Mrs Davenport and Mrs Dada who joined Mrs Cross and Year 5 on the trip.

Year 2 Visit to All Saints Church

February 20, 2018

Year 2 visited All Saints Church this morning to learn about what Christians do in a church. They spent time looking round the church and learned a lot about Christian practices and how they worship. The children were all very well behaved.

Thanks to all our parent helpers, Mrs Cain, Ms Dorado-Lee, Mrs Featherby, Mrs Gudmundsdottir and Mrs Gong-Smillie.

Reception Walk to Post Box

February 1, 2018

Our Reception class enjoyed their walk to the nearby post box last Friday. They had all written letters to their parents and carers which they were able to post in the letter box themselves. Thank you to all our parent helpers who accompanied the children.

Year 5 Trip to Hitchin Museum

November 21, 2017


Year 5 visited the British Schools Museum in Hitchin today for a Victorian School experience as part of their new History topic. The children spent the day learning about life as a Victorian child, attending lessons which included finding out about the punishments pupils would have experienced (thankfully rather different to nowadays!). They also had the opportunity to look round the school master’s Victorian house.

The class were very much engaged throughout the day and asked lots of good questions. They were exceptionally well behaved.  Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Gudmundsdottir and Mr Humphrey.

Chess Tournament

October 31, 2017

Marlena, Nathan, Rhys, Archie and Tyler from Year 6, and Jonah from Year 5, took part in a chess tournament held at High Beeches Primary School this afternoon. They did really well and won a large number of their games. They were fantastic ambassadors for our school, both in their behaviour and approach to the tournament. I was very proud of them. Thank you to Mrs Dada who also came along to support the children.