Nursery and Reception Trip to Mead Open Farm

June 15, 2017

Nursery and Reception enjoyed a day at Mead Open Farm today. They had a lovely time, going on a tractor and trailer ride, feeding the goats and sheep (which included giving lambs a bottle of milk,) and petting the rabbits and guinea pigs. Reception children were also able to watch the ‘Lamb National’ race, which was great fun!

Thank you to all our parent helpers, Ms Florulli, Mrs Hatton, Mrs Morosanu, Ms McCallister, Ms Paprotzki and Mr Haywood. Also, thank you to Miss Moore, Miss Brewer’s mother Jackie and Mrs O’Donnell’s daughter, Alicia.

Year 6 Residential Trip to Caythorpe

May 26, 2017

Year 6 have certainly been lucky with the weather this week for their residential trip to Caythorpe. They have all had a fantastic time and I’m sure, once they have caught up on their sleep, they will be full of happy memories of their time away. A huge thank you to Miss Weston, Mrs Cross and Mrs Gibson for accompanying the children on their trip.

Year 3 Trip to the British Museum

May 24, 2017

Year 3 visited the British Museum today as part of their topic work on the Aztecs. They carried out an investigation, looking at all the artefacts in the Aztec gallery which they carried out with a great deal of enthusiasm. They saw the famous Turquoise Serpent, which played an important role in Aztec religion and was associated with many gods and goddesses. One of the talking points of the day was when we took a photo of the class on the steps of the museum and the nearby police decided to photobomb them! Everyone found this very funny! The children were beautifully behaved, a member of the public in the museum commented how well they were behaving which is always lovely to hear!

Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Chapman and Mrs Morosanu, and to Mrs Dada who joined Mrs Davey and Mrs Hills on the trip.

Year 1 Trip to the Florence Nightingale Museum

May 22, 2017

Year 1 caught the train to Blackfriars to visit the Florence Nightingale Museum today as part of their school topic. As they walked along the Embankment, they also managed to look at the famous landmarks, such as Big Ben and the London Eye. When they reached the museum, they were met by ‘Florence Nightingale’ who told the children all about her life and carried out some role play (with the help of some of our pupils) of important events that took place. The children were then split into groups to look round the museum and learned all about Florence Nightingale’s important work and the legacy she left.

Thank you to all our helpers, Mrs Doherty, Mrs Gudmundsdottir, Miss Moore and Mrs Carberry who joined Mrs Wright and Miss Tyler to accompany the children to the museum.

Year 2 Trip to Batford Springs

May 11, 2017

On Thursday morning, Year 2 visited Batford Springs as part of their Living Things Science topic. They were split into 2 groups and, with the help of 2 Batford Springs volunteers, looked at 5 different habitats and learned about what living things need certain conditions to survive. The children were all beautifully behaved while on the trip and on the walk to and from the Springs.

Thank you to our parent volunteers, Mrs Anver, Mrs Miah and Mrs Stevens.

Year 6 Trip to Crucial Crew

March 16, 2017

This afternoon, Year 6 visited Crucial Crew at St Albans Fire Station, an innovative and interactive workshop which delivers personal and safety education messages to Year 6 children. It seeks to encourage model behaviour and good citizenship through active participation in a range of life scenarios, including first aid, road safety while using mobile phones, house hazards, cyber bullying and drugs. Whilst having enjoyed the afternoon immensely, the children came away having learned a lot. They will be following up on their experiences at the workshop during their PSHE lessons.

Y3 Trip to Natural History Museum

March 1, 2017

Year 3 visited the Natural History Museum today. Lula, helped by Adriana, has given an account of their trip:

On Wednesday, we took a train to the Natural History Museum in London. At the Museum, we went on an escalator through a model of the earth. When it finished, we found out that a volcano, called Mount Vesuvius, once erupted, and its poisonous ash cloud killed lots of people. At the end, we went on an earthquake simulator. It was amazing!

It sounds like they had a fantastic time! Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Chapman and Mrs Enstone.