Governing Body

March 31, 2017

Ruth Hammerson, Corinne O’Brien and Sara Sparrow attended the Speech Awards on Monday.  Corinne O’Brien also spent time in the Year 3 classroom as part of her Governor week duties.

Zig Zag Road Lines outside School

March 31, 2017

You may have noticed that the zig zag lines outside of our school have faded over time and are in need of being repainted in order to have the desired effect of stopping dangerous and illegal parking in front of the school. The Governing Body would like to ask parents if they could spare a few minutes of their time to please send a quick email to Councillor David Williams at with a polite request for this to be actioned. Thank you for in advance for your help.

Update 21/04/2017: Thank you to our Governing Body and to all parents and carers who contacted Hertfordshire County Council about the need for the zig zag lines to be repainted outside of our school.  We are pleased to let you know that it seems to have had the desired affect.  We have received the following email from Councillor David Williams:

Further to our recent exchanges, I have received confirmation from St Albans District Council that they have added this location to their next order.

However, to manage expectations, I’ve been advised that their next order will be placed in May – works are grouped together to ensure value for money with the contractor. The lines are normally then laid between 46 weeks after the order is confirmed.

All somewhat frustrating as I’m sure you would wish to have the lines in place for the start of next term.

Kind regards
David Williams
Hertfordshire County Councillor for Harpenden North East
Deputy Leader of the Council / Cabinet Member for Enterprise, Education and Skills / Mobile 07733225464

Governing Body

March 24, 2017

Gordon Rennoldson came in this week to take part in the Sikh Langar held in our Year 4 classroom. Langar is the term used in the Sikh religion for the common kitchen/canteen where food is served in a Gurdwara to all the visitors, without distinction of faith, religion or background.

Gordon also came in to hear some of the children read.

Governing Body

March 17, 2017

Sharon Mansour came into school this week for a safeguarding meeting.
Ruth Hammerson visited Year 5 as part of Governors Week.
Gordon Rennoldson came in to hear some of the children read.


March 14, 2017

As part of School Governor Week, Mark Collins visited Year 6 yesterday.  Emma Hart and Helen Hutton came in for a meeting with Mrs Swinson.

Governing Body

March 4, 2017

Some of our Governors came into school to visit their respective classes as part of Governor Week:

  • Emma Morrow – Nursery & Reception
  • Emma Hart – Year 1
  • Gordon Rennoldson – Year 2
  • Sara Sparrow – Year 4

Corrine O’Brien, Ruth Hammerson and Mark Collins will be visiting the remaining classes over the next few weeks.

On a different note, we would like to inform parents and carers that as there was still a vacancy after the last Parent Governor elections, the Governing Body have now appointed Sara Sparrow, who was previously a Co-opted Governor, to fill the role.

Vision for The Lea

December 19, 2016

Message from Mark Collins, Chair of Governors:-

Thank you to all the children and their parents who sent in their ideas about what a vision for The Lea should look like. The Governors have looked at lots of your suggestions and have come up with a vision which we think captures the essence of our school. We hope you like it.

  • Learn – developing a love of learning, creating opportunities to challenge ourselves and recognising that making mistakes is a part of learning.
  • Enjoy – allowing us to play, have fun, and make friends for life in a safe, nurturing and diverse community.
  • Achieve – believing in ourselves, allowing us to grow and be confident, enabling us to be the best we can be.

You will see copies of the vision displayed around the school at the start of the new year.