Year 1 Trip to Tring Museum

October 9, 2017

Year 1 visited Tring Natural History Museum today as part of their Science topic on ‘animals’. First they took part in a workshop and learned all about mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. They were then able to spend the rest of the day looking around the museum at the wide variety of animals on display.

Thank you to Miss Moore and to our parent helpers, Mrs Hatton and Mrs Boufrioua for coming along to help the children.


Year 1 Seaside Day

July 14, 2017

As part of their seaside topic, Year 1 had a special seaside day today. They all came in dressed in their shorts and t-shirts ready to enjoy various activities, including a sandcastle competition. They were also given a special surprise when the Punch and Judy man arrived to perform a show for them. They were very excited and totally engaged from start to finish. Of course a seaside day is not complete without an ice cream so they joined the rest of the school this afternoon in buying one from the ice cream van man when he visited the school!

Year 1 Sports Morning

June 14, 2017

This morning, Year 1 took part in a sports morning along with Manland and Sauncey Wood, which was held at Manland Primary School. The weather was lovely and everyone had an enjoyable time. There were 6 different sporting activities and our Year 1 team did really well, winning 2 of them. They won the ball and scoop race, and the bean bag throwing competition. Well done everyone!

Thank you to our helpers, Mrs Adetayo, Mrs Gudmundsdottir and Miss Moore.

Year 1 Trip to the Florence Nightingale Museum

May 22, 2017

Year 1 caught the train to Blackfriars to visit the Florence Nightingale Museum today as part of their school topic. As they walked along the Embankment, they also managed to look at the famous landmarks, such as Big Ben and the London Eye. When they reached the museum, they were met by ‘Florence Nightingale’ who told the children all about her life and carried out some role play (with the help of some of our pupils) of important events that took place. The children were then split into groups to look round the museum and learned all about Florence Nightingale’s important work and the legacy she left.

Thank you to all our helpers, Mrs Doherty, Mrs Gudmundsdottir, Miss Moore and Mrs Carberry who joined Mrs Wright and Miss Tyler to accompany the children to the museum.

Year 1 Class Assembly

March 29, 2017

Year 1 gave a lovely assembly this morning all about what they have been studying this term. They have been finding out about the toys their parents and grandparents used to play with and comparing them with the toys they have now. The children showed an amazing display of model cars they had designed, built and painted. They had also made some lovely peg dolls. We were very impressed! They have been learning about the seasons and how the weather changes throughout the year. They all sounded very knowledgeable. Well done Year 1.

Thank you to Miss Tyler, Mrs Wright, Miss Moore and Mrs Miah for helping the children to prepare for their assembly.

Year 1 and Year 2 Visits to All Saints Church

February 2, 2017

This morning Year 2 visited All Saints Church. Reverend Linda Williams gave the children an interesting talk about the church, then they took part in a treasure hunt to find the various places that can be found in the building, such as the font and the altar. Everyone really enjoyed this part of the trip! They were all very well behaved throughout. Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Gray, Mrs Miah and Mrs Stevens.

In the afternoon, it was Year 1’s turn to visit. They learned all about baptisms and took part in a baptism role play, naming the baby doll ‘Rosie Adele’. They asked lots of questions and behaved perfectly. Thank you to the Year 1 parent helpers, Mrs Cain, Ms Dorado-Lee and Mrs Gudmundsdottir.

Year 1 and Year 4 Trip to Tring Museum

November 3, 2016

Year 1 and 4 visited the Tring Museum today.

As part of their Science Unit ‘Animals and Humans’, Year 1 had a group session with one of the museum curators and learned all about different animal groups and were able to touch some of the stuffed animals. They were then able
to wander around the museum to look at all the other exhibits on display. Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Abubakar, Mr Antrobus and Mrs Cain and to Miss Moore.

As part of their Science Unit ‘Living Things’, Year 4 handled a number of skulls and had to guess what animals they were and what they were likely to eat by looking at the teeth. They looked around the museum at a large number of exhibits prompting one child to exclaim, ‘I’ve learned so much today!”. Thank you to our parent helper, Ms Zarate.