Year 5 Trip to Hitchin Museum

November 21, 2017


Year 5 visited the British Schools Museum in Hitchin today for a Victorian School experience as part of their new History topic. The children spent the day learning about life as a Victorian child, attending lessons which included finding out about the punishments pupils would have experienced (thankfully rather different to nowadays!). They also had the opportunity to look round the school master’s Victorian house.

The class were very much engaged throughout the day and asked lots of good questions. They were exceptionally well behaved.  Thank you to our parent helpers, Mrs Gudmundsdottir and Mr Humphrey.


Year 4 and 5 Trip to Batford Springs

October 6, 2017

Year 5 visited Batford Springs last Friday morning and spent time carrying out river experiments such as measuring the speed of the flow, the depth and bank measurements. They looked at how the river meandered and learned a lot more interesting facts from Heidi, Harpenden Town Council People and Wildlife Officer. All the children were engaged and enthusiastic throughout, and their behaviour was excellent. Thank you to our parent volunteers, Mrs Abubakar and Mrs Gudmundsdottir.

Year 4 have also finally been able to visit Batford Springs today after two postponements! We will let you know about the trip in next week’s newsletter.

Year 5 and 6 Magistrates’ Visit

October 5, 2017

Year 5 and 6 spent yesterday afternoon learning all about the work of a magistrate when they were visited by local magistrates, Hannah and John. They were told lots of very interesting facts on what a magistrate does, with a questions and answers session. They were given different scenarios and asked to decide whether they considered these a crime or not. Some of the children were surprised to learn that magistrates don’t get paid for their work! Hannah and John said that they were really impressed with Year 5 and 6.

Year 4 and 5 Trip to Batford Springs

September 29, 2017

Year 5 are visiting Batford Springs today. No doubt they are enjoying their trip and learning lots of interesting facts about the nature reserve. A full write up will be in next week’s newsletter. Unfortunately Year 4’s visit to Batford Springs had to be postponed yet again due to unavoidable circumstances. We hope to reschedule for the very near future.

Year 5 Enterprise Day

July 20, 2017

Pupils in Year 5 have been creating their own businesses over the summer term. This culminated in the children selling their wares/services today and raising money for charity.

The exact totals are still being tallied up but they raised in excess of £125. After paying their investors and bankers, the remainder of the profit will be divided amongst the various chosen charities.

Year 5 Dancenastics

May 25, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks, Amy, Mia, Jessie and Micheala from Year 5 have held and judged a dancenastics competition open to the whole school. Pupils performed a dance/gymnastics routine in front of the judges. Everyone who entered did fantastically well. The winners were:-

  • 1st – Amelia and Gracie (Y5)
  • 2nd – Hannah (Y5)
  • 3rd – Madeleine, Clarissa and Holly (Y5)

Violin Exam Successes!

December 21, 2016

I am very pleased to announce that the following Year 5 pupils have recently passed their Grade 1 violin exam: Marlena, Fintan and Fotis all passed with a distinction, and Madeleine, Izzy, Lewis and Shakeel passed with a merit. Well done everyone.